Section 1: Manage Azure Subscriptions and Resources

Manage Azure subscriptions and resources (15-20%)

Manage Azure subscriptions

Assign administrator permissions; configure cost center quotas and tagging; configure subscription policies at Azure subscription level

Analyze resource utilization and consumption

Configure diagnostic settings on resources; create baseline for resources; create and test alerts; analyze alerts across subscription; analyze metrics across subscription; create action groups; monitor for unused resources; monitor spend; report on spend; utilize Log Search query functions; view alerts in Log Analytics


Log Analytics was previously its own separate service in Azure but has now been incorporated as part of Azure Monitor. It continues to focus on storage and analysis of log data using its query language. Features that were considered part of Log Analytics, such as Windows and Linux agents for data collection, views to visualize existing data, and alerts to proactively notify you of issues, have not changed but are now considered part of Azure Monitor.

Log Analytics Query Examples:

Manage Resource Groups

Use Azure policies for resource groups; configure resource locks; configure resource policies; identify auditing requirements; implement and set tagging on resource groups; move resources across resource groups; remove resource groups

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