Section 2: Identity and Security

Design for identity and security (20-25%)
Design Identity Management

Choose an identity management approach; design an identity delegation strategy, identity repository (including directory, application, systems, etc.); design self-service identity management and user and persona provisioning; define personas and roles; recommend appropriate access control strategy (e.g., attribute-based, discretionary access, history-based, identity-based, mandatory, organization-based, role-based, rule-based, responsibility-based)

Design Authentication

Choose an authentication approach; design a single-sign on approach; design for IPSec, logon, multi-factor, network access, and remote authentication

Design Authorization

Choose an authorization approach; define access permissions and privileges; design secure delegated access (e.g., oAuth, OpenID, etc.); recommend when and how to use API Keys

Design for Risk Prevention for Identity

Design a risk assessment strategy (e.g., access reviews, RBAC policies, physical access); evaluate agreements involving services or products from vendors and contractors; update solution design to address and mitigate changes to existing security policies, standards, guidelines and procedures

Design a Monitoring Strategy for Identity and Security

Design for alert notifications; design an alert and metrics strategy; recommend authentication monitors

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