Section 3: Data Platform Solution

Design a data platform solution (15-20%)

Design a Data Management Strategy

Choose between managed and unmanaged data store; choose between relational and non-relational databases; design data auditing and caching strategies; identify data attributes (e.g., relevancy, structure, frequency, size, durability, etc.); recommend Database Transaction Unit (DTU) sizing; design a data retention policy; design for data availability, consistency, and durability; design a data warehouse strategy

Design a Data Protection Strategy

Recommend geographic data storage; design an encryption strategy for data at rest, for data in transmission, and for data in use; design a scalability strategy for data; design secure access to data; design a data loss prevention (DLP) policy

Design and Document Data Flows

Identify data flow requirements; create a data flow diagram; design a data flow to meet business requirements; design a data import and export strategy

Design a Monitoring Strategy for the Data Platform

Design for alert notifications; design an alert and metrics strategy

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