Section 4: Business Continuity

Design a business continuity strategy (15-20%)

Design a Site Recovery Strategy

Design a recovery solution; design a site recovery replication policy; design for site recovery capacity and for storage replication; design site failover and failback (planned/unplanned); design the site recovery network; recommend recovery objectives (e.g., Azure, on-prem, hybrid, Recovery Time Objective (RTO), Recovery Level Objective (RLO), Recovery Point Objective (RPO)); identify resources that require site recovery; identify supported and unsupported workloads; recommend a geographical distribution strategy

Design for High Availability

Design for application redundancy, autoscaling, data center and fault domain redundancy, and network redundancy; identify resources that require high availability; identify storage types for high availability

Design a Data Archiving Solution

Recommend storage types and methodology for data archiving; identify requirements for data archiving and business compliance requirements for data archiving; identify SLA(s) for data archiving

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