Azure PowerShell Reference Guide

This guide will provide you with a reference to key PowerShell commands necessary for Azure administrators as well as required to pass the Azure Administrator and Architect certification exams (AZ-103, AZ102, AZ-300) from Microsoft.

If you are completely new to PowerShell, we highly recommend you check out the Microsoft Azure PowerShell Overview which has a number of tutorials and guides for learning the basics. This guide is made up of several PowerShell commands which have been reference from the Microsoft documentation and other sources. Before running any of these commands in production, please be sure to test them out in an Azure test account. Some commands are destructive in nature (e.g. removing resource groups, tags etc.) and you need to make sure you fully understand the commands that you execute.

Please note: Microsoft is replacing the AzureRM PowerShell module with the AZ module. Unless you have specific reasons for using AzureRM, you should begin with the AZ version of our guide below.

Click here to download the AZ Module Version - Recommended

Click here to download the Azure RM version

Naming Standards and Tagging

Governance and standards are key in anyone’s environment. We have templates to help get you started:

Click here for Naming Standards
Click here for Tagging Standards