To New Beginnings!


Another Chapter

Skylines Academy Edition

Everyone's career goes through changes; I, personally, started working in IT at 19 at a now defunct training company. I would help the Technical Support guy load the PCs for the next class. Anyone remember Ghost? Put in the floppy disk and it's go-time!  

From there, I learned more than executing a cloning command. Eventually, going to school for web design just in time for the 2000 dot-com bust. This provided challenges, obviously, so I worked my way up through the help desk to where I am today as an IT professional: as an “Infrastructure, Automation, VMware, and Azure person.” Not my official title, of course. 

All of my learning was always on the customer side and, as many people in IT can relate to, I had the joys of being on-call. I finally made the leap to one of my most admired companies, Microsoft. This was my first job in a customer-facing pre-sales role. The experience definitely pushed my boundaries (a situation I often put myself in) and I learned so much so fast. Satya's message of empathy and having him as a leader was very refreshing. As time went on, though, I felt the technical pre-sales role just wasn’t the right fit and I left an amazing team at Microsoft on good terms.  

Fast-forward to…

 Skylines Academy. Nick Colyer and Brette Bossick started Skylines Academy over a year ago in their free time and it has grown immensely. I've been offered a Digital Tech Marketing Manager role. I feel like this is the best of both worlds where I can continue learning and enabling others, as well as, balancing the rest of my life. The flexibility to have more time with my kids and pursue my hobbies is a great blessing to have.  There’s more to me than just technology.   I'm so excited to be a part of this great company and I can't wait to see what's in store next. It is a drastic change but one that brings me great joy and inspiration. Thank you everyone for the support and well wishes!

Amy Manley
Digital Tech Marketing Manager
Skylines Academy

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