Azure Updates - June 7th, 2019


Azure DevTest Labs: Configure a shared image gallery in your lab

You can now utilize the shared image gallery to keep and share your custom managed VM instances. Having a shared repository makes it easy to update and make sure your team is using the same base image  Read more here

High-Performance Computing VMs are now available in West US2 and East US

These high performance VMs have the option to connect to a Cray ClusterStor!  Just one HC VM is said to perform up to 3x faster than servers customers have on-premises today.  Having these powerful VMs available in the cloud can keep users on cutting edge technology and use it when needed vs keeping an HPC cluster on premises  Read more here and in-depth information on the Azure blog

Cross-Cloud Spend in Azure Cost Management

Now available in preview, is cross-cloud support for customers adopting a multi-cloud strategy for their business.  Using Azure Cost Management , you can create an AWS connector and analyze both your Azure spend and AWS costs bringing a unified user experience. More can be read here

These are just a few of the updates that grabbed our attention. If you have ones you’d like to share please tweet us (@skylinesacademy) or comment below.

Thanks for reading and keep up to date on the ever changing cloud.

Skylines Academy

Note: these updates do not affect your AZ-103, AZ-300, AZ-301, AZ-900 exam preparation.