Azure Updates - May 13th, 2019

Network Security Group service tag for Azure Backup is now available

NSGs (Network Security Groups) and Tagging have been invaluable in the Azure space.  Tagging can enable automation or help you track a cost center for a resource. Now you can use the tag "AzureBackup" to allow outbound access to the Azure Backup service. Read more about it here

Reserved instance pricing in the Dev/Test Offer

Reserved Instances are a great way for companies to save money on 24/7 workloads.  Now Microsoft is offering the same deal within Dev/Test subscriptions which are already cost effective.

Azure Portal Updates


The Azure Portal has been updated as of May 13th with :

  • Improvements to global search, with faster load times and smarter results.

  • Faster, more intuitive resource browsing with a variety of display and filtering enhancements.

  • Powerful querying capabilities across your resources via Azure Research Graph.

  • Sign in to the Azure portal using your GitHub account.

  • An enhanced customer experience with improvements to Azure Quickstart Center.

  • Streamlined service creation and more consistent user experiences.

  • Full-screen creation within Azure Application Gateway.

  • Detailed change tracking via Activity Log.

***These details are from the Microsoft page linked below**

Read more here

More details can also be found on the Microsoft blog

Azure VM Fast Shutdown Option 

Another exciting feature for Azure users is an option to skip a graceful shutdown on a VM via the API.
In the event you need to quickly shut down, just add the “skipShutdown” flag to your API or SDK call.

Read more here

Azure Premium Files 

Last and definitely not least, is the availability of Premium Files.  This allows high i/o workloads to use a file share without performance impact.  Previously, there was just Azure Files with slower performance for normal file sharing with SMB. This added performance brings more options for intense workloads and environments.

You can check out the differences here

And read more here

Thanks for reading and keep up to date on the ever changing cloud

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