Azure Updates - May 24th, 2019

Generation 2 Virtual Machines in Public Preview

Generation 2 will allow end users to build virtual machines up to 12TB and provision OS disks exceeding 2TB! This capability is because of the UEFI based boot architecture vs the BIOS based one. Read more here


DDoS Alerts in Azure Security Center

Microsoft takes security seriously and now customers using the standard Azure DDoS protection can view alerts and actions available in Azure Security Center. Nothing has to be done on the end user side but two type of alerts will be available for review: DDoS Attack Detection on Public IP, as well as, DDoS Attack Mitigated for Public IP . Read more here

New PowerShell cmdlets for Azure Monitor

A new release has bene made available for new metric alerts and log alerts. These cmdlets enhance your log alerts for Log Analytics/App Insights and Azure Monitor. Read more here

These are just a few of the updates that grabbed our attention. If you have ones you’d like to share please tweet us (@skylinesacademy) or comment below.

Thanks for reading and keep up to date on the ever changing cloud.

Skylines Academy

Note: these updates do not affect your AZ-103, AZ-300, AZ-301, AZ-900 exam preparation.