Azure Updates - May 3rd, 2019

It seems pretty obvious cloud is growing at a rapid pace and it continues to evolve with new features.  Here are a couple of the big ones over the past week. 

Serverless Automation using PowerShell preview in Azure Functions

This is a great addition to see in preview. With PowerShell being a widely used scripting language and can also be  event driven, it makes sense to add it in an Azure Functions.  Azure Functions can run serverless code and scale as needed based on application development models.  PowerShell just adds to the numerous language choices already offered.

Read more on Microsoft's site


VMware on Azure

A big announcement came out of Dell Technologies World and that was the partnership with Microsoft further expanding to support a fully native and certified VMware environment on Azure by CloudSimple. Other capabilities were announced such as extending Microsoft's Windows Virtual desktop service to work with VMware's VDI offering, Horizon. 

The Azure VMware solution by CloudSimple is available in US East and US West Azure regions.  Other regions are in the works.  

Read more about it on Microsoft's blog

It's great to see these two tech giants bring their technologies together to better serve the customer base.  What are your thoughts on this partnership?  Do you have any updates you are excited about, feel free to share and comment your thoughts.