AZ-500 in Preview at Skylines Academy

The AZ-500 course has launched on, Skylines Academy, in Preview for members this week.  What that means: All Skylines Academy members get to view the course as it is being rolled out before its final launch. This course is meant for Security Engineers  and teaches users how to implement security controls, maintain security posture, and identify and re-mediate vulnerabilities by using a variety of security tools. This course covers scripting and automation, virtualization, and cloud N-tier architecture.


4 Sections will cover: 

Managing Identify and Access

  • Configure Microsoft Azure Active Directory for workloads

  • Configure Microsoft Azure AD Privileged Identity Management

  • Configure Microsoft Azure tenant security

 Implementing platform protection

  • Implement network security

  • Implement host security

  • Configure container security

  • Implement Microsoft Azure Resource management security

Managing Security Operations

  • Configure security services

  • Configure security policies

  • Manage security alerts

 Secure Data and Applications

  • Configure security policies to manage data

  • Configure security for data infrastructure

  • Configure encryption for data at rest

  • Implement security for application delivery

  • Configure application security

  • Configure and manage Key Vault

As always it is recommended to get the most update exam blueprint from Microsoft's website which can be found here

It is recommended to have a base level of understanding with having acquired or equivalent  knowledge to the Azure Administrator Associate certification. 

We look forward to you joining us on Skylines Academy and for any feedback you have to continue helping us grow the best cloud community.  Feel free to reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook

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