HashiConf 2019

The 5th annual HashiConf is right around the corner, and we can't be more excited! This year, it is in Seattle Washington, and officially kicks off on September 10th, but starts early on the 9th of September with training courses. The training courses have been so popular, that they have been expanded multiple times to accommodate the amount of people who are interested in gaining more expertise in HashiCorp products. If you have been to a HashiConf event before, then you know the experience is more than just the sessions. Whether it is a classic cappuccino, or a more advanced drink, the coffee is always delicious and ready to keep everyone going through the sessions!

The sessions at HashiConf are focused on the practitioner, and enabling everyone to take full advantage of the suite of tools. There are multiple tracks to choose from for each product. The presenters have a rich background in DevOps, and solving for challenges every enterprise experiences. Some of the presenters are currently at Microsoft, State Farm, Google, and Starbucks. It is great to see so many organizations excited to speak about how they are automating their infrastructure.


Terraform has some fantastic talks, such as Paddy Carver speaking about upgrading to Terraform .12, some of the challenges to look out for, and what was learned along the way in how people utilize Terraform. Microsoft's, Eugene Chuvyorv, and Mark Gray, will be speaking about Cloud Native Azure Infrastructure Deployment Using Terraform. This will be a good opportunity to hear from them on the Microsoft and HashiCorp partnership as well. 

Vault has sessions like Secrets at Scale, where you can hear from customers like DataDog talking about first hand experience deploying Vault. Along with that, there are advanced sessions from HashiCorp employees like Client-Side Response Caching using Vault Agent, which can help organizations reduce the load on their infrastructure and improve the experience for misconfigured applications. Skylines Academy author, Bryan Krausen has his course, Secret Management and Data Protection launching the week of HashiConf. Also be sure to check out his session on Ensuring Cross Cloud, High Availability for your Applications at the conference.

Service Mesh has become a hot topic out there, and Stephen Wilson from HashiCorp is going to be trying to demystify the topic, which should be a great opportunity to hear about what it is truly solving for. VMware announced some of this functionality being built into NSX, and there is going to be a session from Sergio Pozo, who is currently at VMware on how there is Service Mesh interoperation between NSX and Consul. While Service Mesh is a hot topic, Service Discovery is the backbone of configuring all of this, and isn't relegated to only containers. Apptio is going to be presenting on this topic, and we are excited to hear about how they are able to scale and maintain their services between on-prem and cloud. 

Finally, Nomad has some great talks as well. Stateful services seem to be one of the bigger challenges for clustered orchestrators, and Danielle Lancashire will be speaking about upcoming features in Nomad to safely run these workloads. Along with hearing from Jet.com, on how they run Windows microservices at scale, even without them being containerized. 

This is only a handful of the overall sessions being hosted this year, and we haven't even mentioned the opening keynote with Mitchell Hashimoto and Armon Dadgar! We'll be following up after HashiConf with the updates we've learned about. Please reach out and let us know if you'll be out at HashiConf this year. It would be great to meet up!

-Adam Cavaliere