AZ-301 Updates Added - July

Last week Skylines Academy released a large series of updates to AZ-301. The updates include the following additions to the course which focus on Data requirements:

  • Lecture: Azure Data Services Overview

  • Lecture: Azure SQL Services

  • Lecture: Azure SQL Pricing

  • Demo: Azure SQL

  • Lecture: SQL Auditing

  • Lecture: SQL Caching

  • Demo: SQL Long Term Retention

  • Lecture: ComosDB

  • Lecture: Cosmos Consistency Levels

  • Lecture: IoT

  • Lecture: Big Data

  • Lecture: SQL DW Architecture

  • Lecture: Azure Data Factory and Analysis Services

  • Lecture: Database Choices

We hope these updates keep you on track to passing your AZ-301 and ultimately achieving your Azure Expert Certification. You can find the course here and on Udemy as well.

Skylines Academy

Brette Bossick