Skylines MEmbership

Membership Includes:

·      All Skylines Academy Training Courses

·      All Lab Guides

·      All Practice Questions

·      Exclusive VIP Private Preview of New Courses

·      Facebook Study Group

·      Study Guides

All Skylines Academy Training Courses

You will have access to every Skylines Academy course, current and future, no exceptions. We develop our courses based on feedback directly from our members and market trends and are continually creating new and relevant content to help educate, enable, and empower you on your Azure journey.

Lab Guides

Hands-on lab guides will walk you step-by-step through the Azure portal for specific use cases. Our experts have developed lab guides to supplement your studies and give you real-world experience with administering and architecting Azure services.

Practice Questions

You will have exclusive access to our practice questions. The questions have been created by our team based on their experiences with taking the exams themselves. Practice questions will further help you to prepare to take and pass the exams. 

Exclusive VIP Private Preview of New Courses and Practice Questions

Members have exclusive access to our courses as they are created. No more waiting for new content or to see what’s next! You’ll have VIP Private Preview access to new courses and material before anyone else, as its being developed.

Facebook Azure Study Group

Join your peers by being part of the Facebook Azure Study Group. The Study Group is moderated by Skylines Academy and you will be able to receive and give help to other members of the community from all over the world.

Study Guides

The Skylines Academy team has done extensive research to develop study guides for you. Study Guides consist of helpful links to articles and labs from industry experts and will supplement the course lectures, demos, lab guides, and practice questions provided by Skylines Academy.